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Interreg RO-BG Projects


# Code Title Axis Type The state of the project
1 ROBG-11 Plums For Junk Axis 2 Soft Finalized
2 ROBG-136 CBA -Cross-border advanced training programme for... Axis 5 Soft Finalized
3 ROBG-1 E-bike Net Axis 1 Soft Finalized
4 ROBG-3 Green Education -Green School Education as a Promo... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
5 ROBG-121 JEROME- Capabilities and interoperability for join... Axis 3 Hard Finalized
6 ROBG-127 L-TeN -Linking TEN through better connection betwe... Axis 1 Hard Finalized
7 ROBG-131 UCLM -United for a Common Labor Market: an integra... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
8 ROBG-139 SPOCO -Borderless Health through sport and Coopera... Axis 5 Hard On Going
9 ROBG–128 The Bridges of Time -An Integrated Approach for Im... Axis 2 Hard On Going
10 ROBG-147 VISA -Cross-border Agency for Work Mobility Axis 4 Hard Finalized
11 ROBG-2 Investigation of opportunities for reducing the TE... Axis 1 Soft Finalized
12 ROBG–4 The Path of Clay Axis 2 Soft Finalized
13 ROBG-5 6 Reasons to Visit Mehedinti – Vidin cross-border... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
14 ROBG-6 Danube - A River with a lot of history DARWLOH eMS... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
15 ROBG-7 Danube - I can hear you and I will not forget you,... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
16 ROBG-8 A heritage-friendly cross-border economy in Romani... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
17 ROBG–9 Ancient roman cultural heritage interactive visual... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
18 ROBG-10 Innovative and collaborative management of Natura... Axis 2 Soft Finalized
19 ROBG-20 Safe Schools Network Axis 3 Soft Finalized
20 ROBG-21 Community Opposition of Disastrous Events Axis 3 Soft Finalized
21 ROBG-22 Development and adoption of a joint institutionali... Axis 3 Soft Finalized
22 ROBG-23 Risk Management for Large Scale Infrastructures in... Axis 3 Soft Finalized
23 ROBG-461 ROBG-461 “Safety for our children” Axis 3 Soft On Going
24 ROBG-140 Building a sustainable model and partner network t... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
25 ROBG-141 Cross Border virtual incubator for promoting emplo... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
26 ROBG-142 CBC LABORLAB - Developing an integrated and inclus... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
27 ROBG-143 JobEase for women – enhancing unemployed women’s p... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
28 ROBG-144 Cross-border Sustainable Employment Mix-Centres in... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
29 ROBG-145 Romanian Bulgarian Organic- Entrepreneurial Networ... Axis 4 Soft Finalized
30 ROBG-150 Cross Border Cooperation Mechanism in the Field of... Axis 5 Soft Finalized