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CBA -Cross-border advanced training programme for Giurgiu County and Ruse District Administrations - ROBG-136

What is the purpose?

The project aims to increase the cooperation between Territorial Administrative Unit – Giurgiu County and Ruse District administration in areas of common interest as regional importance investments and green economy.

What is the budget?

440.393,19 euro, from which 374.334,21 euro FEDR

Who implements the project?

Lead beneficiary (LB): Territorial Administrative Unit – Giurgiu County(RO)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Ruse District administration(BG)

Beneficiary 3 (B3): Tsenovo Municipality (BG)

What is the implementation period?

Start date: 2017-05-20

End Date: 2017-05-20

Period: 24 months

Where it is implemented?

Ruse District and Giurgiu County

What will happen?

  • purchasing equipment and services
  • 1 developed analysis, 1 manual, 1 strategy, 2 roundtables, 2 seminars
  • mentorship programme and training courses
  • exchange of good practices in 2 EU countries
  • 1 joint action plan for improving conditions at the administrative level

What will be the results (what is the contribution to the program)?

Programme outputs: 7 cross border mechanisms: 1 agreement, 1 network, 1 regulation, 1 action plan, 1 analysis, 1 strategy, 1 information exchange tool

Programme results: increased level of coordination of public institutions in cross-border area

The state of the project

The project is finalized and the project outputs and results are currently being analyzed at Programme level (final report is being verified).

As Beneficiary 2 faced problems in ensuring the necessary financial resources for the project implementation, a new partner -Tsenovo Municipality – was brought in the partnership, taking over B2 budget and the respective share of the project activities. Beneficiary 2, in turn, remained involved in the implementation of the project activities without a financial contribution.

The project opening press-conference took place on 16th of May 2018 in Giurgiu.

The first initiative from the proposed advanced training programme for the staff of the beneficiaries and namely the Mentorship Programme was organized in Ruse in the period April 23-27, 2018 and in the period 18-22.06.2018 in Giurgiu. A training “Management of public investments" took place in Constanta in the period 06-11.08.2018 

Both beneficiaries – Giurgiu County and Tsenovo Municipality also purchased the necessary equipment for ensuring a modern framework for the activity of their administrations.

An analysis and an integrated sustainable energy efficiency strategy at the level of Ruse -Girgiu cross-border region was developed by Beneficiary 3.Two round tables - in Ruse on 03.10.2018 and in Giurgiu on 04.10.2018 were organized as part of the Strategy development process. 

A study visit for exchange of good practices was organized for representatives of the beneficiaries administration in 2 EU Countries - Sweden in the period 24-29.06.2018 and Austria in the period 09-14 .09.2018 . The working group for the preparation of the Action Plan on future investment opportunities was set-up.