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SPOCO -Borderless Health through sport and Cooperation – United in the battle against diseases - ROBG-139

What is the purpose?

The project aims to increase efficiently the cooperation between local public administrations/governments in the cross-border area Hârşova- Shabla, in services on public health focused on prevention and improvement actions

What is the budget?

1.489.666,82 euro, from which 1.266.216,80 euro FEDR

Who implements the project?

Lead beneficiary (LB): Territorial Administrative Unit- Hârşova Town(RO)

Beneficiary 2 (B2): Municipality of Shabla(BG)

Beneficiary 3 (B3): Romanian Oina Federation (RO)

What is the implementation period?

Start date: 2017-04-04

End Date: 2021-04-03

Period: 48 months

Where it is implemented?

Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Vidin, Vratsa, Ruse and Dobrich in Bulgaria (+ Sofia).

Giurgiu, Mehedinţi, Calarasi, Constanta, Dolj in Romania (+Bucharest)

What will happen?

  • 1 modernized and properly equipped sports ground/field in Hârşova Town
  • 1 modernized and properly equipped multifunctional gym
  • the community of CBC area Hârşova- Shabla well informed and motivated to practice physical activities/exercises for the benefit of their health
  • 1 joint action plan to combat sedentary lifestyle and increase good health

What will be the results (what is the contribution to the program)?

Programme outputs: 2 cooperation networks, 1 common policy, 1 common study, 3 meetings for information exchange, 1 strategy, 10 agreements between local actors signed in “Choose to be healthy program”

Programme results: improved cross-borders cooperation between stakeholders for the implementation of a common policy in the sphere of health

The state of the project

The project is under implementation. Due to delays in performance of works contract for rehabilitation of the sports field (stadium) and locker for the LB, an addendum (no. 4 from 31.10.2019) was signed for extension of the implementation period from 31 to 48 months.

In terms of physical progress, the following results were achieved:

- A press conference for the start of the project was organiyed in Shabla;

- The Constitutive Act and the Statute of the AssociationTranspocowere drafted and approved by the Harsova Local Council, Federal Office of Romanian Oina Federation and by Shabla Municipality and the headquarters were established: at Hirsova, the main headquarters and at Shabla, the secondary headquarters;

- The Lead Beneficiary concluded the works contract for rehabilitation of the sports field (stadium) and locker (6 months terms of execution). The works started but due the significant delays in execution, LB decided to terminate the works contract and to organize a new procurement procedure for awarding of the remaining works, and to reschedule the subsequent activities.

- Beneficiary 2 concluded the work contract for Reconstruction of Multifunctional Sport Hall and the works are completed. Also, the contracts for supply of equipment necessary for the Rehabilitation center were concluded and the equipment were delivered;

- The Joint Action Plan for fighting physical inactivity to improve people’s health in the cross-border was elaborated.