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The 2024 REGIOSTARS projects competition has started!


We have some exciting news for you: The 2024 REGIOSTARS competition is opened for applications!

Do not miss the opportunity to showcase your project’s impact and significant contribution to the positive transformation on the life of people in your region!

To be selected, your project must be included in the following categories:

  • A COMPETITIVE AND SMART EUROPE- Promoting competitiveness, innovation and economic resilience;
  • A GREEN EUROPE- The green transition as the enabler of regional development; 
  • A CONNECTED EUROPE- Enhancing mobility and connectivity between regions; 
  • A SOCIAL AND INCLUSIVE EUROPE – Achieving a more inclusive Europe by harnessing regional talents; 
  • A EUROPE CLOSER TO THE CITIZENS- Fostering the sustainable development of all types of territories.

and must comply with all the eligibility criteria set in the “ REGIOSTARS 2024- Guide for applicants” and in the “Application form”, that may be accessed here:

For applying with your project to this competition, you need to request the Managing Authority to sign the “Endorsement letter” in the format presented in the REGIOSTARS 2024 website here:

Please take into consideration the fact that only projects that comply with the eligibility criteria may receive the endorsement letter from the Managing Authority that must accompany your application. The request for the Endorsement letter may be sent to  until 13rd of May 2024.

Applications should be submitted exclusively online through the RegioStars platform until 31 May 2024!!

 Good luck to all the potential participants!