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The Strategy Board (SB) is a broad partnership structure, comprising Romanian and Bulgarian relevant stakeholders from the cross-border region, created with the purpose to develop and implement this strategy.

The members of the Strategy Board were selected through transparent procedures by Romania and Bulgaria from national, regional and local level, covering public institutions, local and regional authorities, relevant NGO’s, economic sector. The SB includes 28 members from both countries (14 bodies from each side of the border).

Starting with 2022, the Strategy Board members worked on:

1. Determining the geographical area covered by the strategy and the main velo routes. This complex process was finalized in December 2023, after previously identifying a network of velo routes (the main Euro Velo 6 route and other regional and local routes, which will link various touristic attractions from the region, to the main route).

2. Identifying and prioritizing the needs of the territory that will be addressed in order to increase the touristic potential of the area and establish the methods to approach those needs.

3. Identifying the operations (projects) that will contribute to the achievement of the strategy objectives. 


The Strategy Board prepares for the first call for project ideas. Selected project ideas will be later developed into full projects, to be implemented with financing from Interreg VI-A Romania - Bulgaria Programme or from other sources.

The list of the Strategy Board members
Synthesis of SB decisions
Rules of procedure