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To all applicants!


Relevant documents to be considered when developing the application for projects under Interreg VI-a Romania-Bulgaria are published on our website. In relation to Call 1 - operations of strategic importance (OSI) and the Call 2 - Competitive call for project proposals dedicated to Priority 2: A Green Region, Specific Objectives 2.4 and 2.7., the Programme bodies published, among others, the Annex A10 - Financial Capacity Self-Assessment.

Please, be informed that we published an updated version of Annex A10, in order to remove a clerical limitation in cell C5 of the third sheet of that annex, i.e. the “Input Financial Statement” sheet. The issue was about limiting to EUR 1.5 M the value which could have been inputted to that cell for the Interreg requested funds. The updated version of Annex A10 allows you to input a higher value than initially allowed.

If you wish to apply under Call 1 or Call  2 of our Programme, please use the updated version of Annex A10 - Financial Capacity Self-Assessment.

If not, you may still use the old annex but, in case you need to input a higher value to that cell, you may do so by modifying the maximum value validation criteria allowed, from the “Data” tab of the menu - “Data validation” function, in Microsoft Excel or similar application.


We would be happy to have you constantly reading our news and to receiving your applications!