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Share your voice in the public consultation launched for preparing the next RO-BG Interreg Programme post 2027!


Romania-Bulgaria cross-border area has benefited from EU–funding since 2007, bringing the local communities together to work on common challenges. Many projects that promoted cross-border collaboration for sustainable development in various fields like: transport and accessibility, environment and emergency situations, health, employment, education, tourism and culture were financed over the last 17 years, within Interreg RO-BG programmes. These programmes have brought in the Romanian-Bulgarian border region investments of approximately 700 million Euros during the three programing periods: 2007-2013, 2014-2020 and 2021-2027.

Preparing for the future, the European Commission launched in 2024 a wide consultation process, targeting the people living in the border regions, the local communities and the stakeholders, who know best what their needs are.

In response to the European Commission's initiative, Interreg VI-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme structures decided to invite stakeholders and citizens from the RO-BG cross border area to take part to this extensive public consultation.

Your input and ideas will be communicated to the European Commission and will contribute to the preparation of post 2027 Interreg programme.

Therefore, we invite you to express your opinion by filling in the online questionnaires below:

We appreciate your interest and active involvement in the development of RO-BG border are and we count on your help in all our actions for a better future!

Join us in shaping the next RO-BG Interreg Programme and fill in the questionnaire by latest 31st of October 2024!