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We're thrilled to announce that today, the 7th March 2024, we are launching the public consultation for the Applicant's Guide dedicated to Priority 3 – An Educated Region, Specific Objective 4.2 - Improving Equal Access to Inclusive and Quality Services in Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning through Developing Accessible Infrastructure, including by Fostering Resilience for Distance and Online Education and Training!

The Applicant’s Guide aims to provide comprehensive guidance on the steps and rules necessary to apply for the call for proposals dedicated to operations under SO 4.2. Your feedback is essential in ensuring that the guide meets the needs of potential applicants and facilitates a smooth application process.

We invite you to share your proposals and suggestions at until 8th of April 2024. Your input will play an important role in shaping the final version of the Applicant's Guide.

Please be aware that there is a specific deadline for project submission, starting from the official launch of the call. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to begin working on your projects!

You can access the draft Applicant’s Guide for Call for proposals here:

Relevant documents to be considered when preparing the application form.

Thank you for your participation and contribution to this important process.