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Important news for the Integrated Territorial Strategy Board members!


According to the Programme provisions, this strategy should be submitted by the Strategy Board to the Programme structures, so that the Programme structures perform a qualitative check of the ITS content before being sent for approval to the Monitoring Committee (MC) of Interreg VI-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme.

The Programme structures will check if the document ITS is relevant, in line with the Programme objective and indicators, with a clear logic of intervention and an adequate monitoring system, developed with the involvement of the relevant territorial stakeholders, authorities or bodies, where the principles of transparency and equal treatment were considered.

Therefore, to perform this assessment, the Programme structures drafted a document “Considerations and methodology for the assessment of the Integrated Territorial Strategy”, which includes standard assessment criteria for EU financed programmes as well as a set of assessment questions to verify the compliance with the elements outlined in Article 29 of Regulation (EU) 2021/1060, as well as mandatory criteria for project ideas proposed by the ITS to be financed under the Programme.

For all interested parties, the document that was approved by Monitoring Committee (MC) of Interreg VI-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme on 19th of April 2024 may be consulted here.