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Important decisions taken by the Strategy Board members!


The third meeting of the Strategy Board members took place on 31st of January 2023 in Ruse!

The Strategy Board is a cross-border governance structure, based on a multilevel partnership principle, comprising representatives from national, regional and local authorities, as well as public institutions and NGO’s from Romania and Bulgaria, responsible for the elaboration of the Integrated Territorial Strategy for the cross border region along and connected with the Eurovelo 6 cycling route. The Strategy Board membership was set up during its first meeting that took place in July 2021, based on the designation of the members by the two national delegations.

During this meeting, the Chair and Co-chair of the Strategy Board were elected among the leaders of the two national delegations. According to the Rules of procedure, the role of the Chair and Co-chair will alternate annually, starting with the first meeting. This year the position of the Chair will be held by Mrs. Oana Turturică, representing “HaicuBicla” NGO and the position of Co-Chair will be occupied by Mr. Emanuil Manolov, representing Pavlikeni Municipality.

As well, the members of the Strategy Board discussed in detail the next steps planned for the elaboration of the Integrated Territorial Strategy and the time framework estimated for each stage.

For updated information on the evolution of the process of elaboration of the Integrated Territorial Strategy, please follow our website and FB page!