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Danube Day: A Bridge Between Romania and Bulgaria (June 29th)


June 29, we celebrate the Danube River, but for Romania and Bulgaria, it's more than just a waterway - it's a natural bridge uniting their nations!

Danube Day shines a light on the river's role on our cross-border region:

  • Connecting Cultures: For centuries, the Danube has fostered cultural exchange between Romania and Bulgaria;
  • Shared Resource: Both countries rely on the Danube for transportation, agriculture, and a healthy environment;
  • Bordering Beauty: The Danube's majestic presence forms a stunning natural border between Romania and Bulgaria.

This year's theme, "Keep the Danube Blue," reminds us of a shared responsibility, through the Cross-border Cooperation Programmes, Romania and Bulgaria already working together to:

  • Protect the Ecosystem: Reduce pollution and ensure the Danube's health for future generations;
  • Promote Sustainable Practices: Maintain a clean and vibrant river that benefits both countries;
  • Celebrate Together: Danube Day is a chance to strengthen the bond between Romania and Bulgaria through joint efforts and celebrations;
  • Developing the joint responses in emergency situations in the cross-border area.

Let's celebrate the Danube River as a symbol of unity and cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria! #DanubeDay #OurDanube #InterregCommunity